“It’s Wind-ing”

When I was a toddler, I was afraid of the wind. In fact, my parents were forced to hold my 2nd birthday party in the garage on a beautiful sunny August day simply because there was a steady breeze blowing through the trees. Well, I have discovered in the last few days that while I no longer resist going outside when it is windy, the fear I had of the wind all those years ago is still slightly present. We have had several periods of fairly strong wind over the last two days and every time the trees start bending under the pressure of the wind, I feel slightly nervous. Also, when the wind picks up, it knocks these large fruit things off the trees out back and when they fall they make an awful thumping sound, which definitely does not help ease my anxiety (however unfounded it may be).

Anyway, aside from the wind, the last two days have been characterized by long stretches of no power. Oh the woes of the brownout!! While brownouts have been a somewhat common occurrence during my time here, the ones this weekend have been particularly frustrating, mostly because they are lasting several hours at a time. Yesterday afternoon, the power was out for about 7 hours, and then last night, the power was out almost all night. Today, the power was out earlier and then it went out again after coming back for maybe 2ish hours. As I was complaining a little to Noelle, she simply looked at me and said: “Well, it’s not the States, you know.” Ah yes, good reminder for me to limit my frustration and impatience. I am sure some of the outages have been due to the strong winds, but brownouts are frequent here because the electric company is somewhat mismanaged and does not always organize themselves effectively to provide electricity to the city. I think if it was just related to the weather, it would be a little less frustrating. Well, at any rate, Noelle is right — all I can do is sit back and have a little (or a lot) of patience, which is exactly what everyone else has to do too. I do hope the power returns consistently soon though!

Last night, Noelle and I watched “Saving Mr. Banks,” which was an excellent movie about how Walt Disney came to acquire the rights to the story of Mary Poppins. Well, after watching that movie, I felt inspired to rewatch Mary Poppins, and I was able to download it in the few hours we had power last night, so I think I’ll hunker down and watch that. It’s funny, when the wind picks up, one of the dogs, Chica, either runs into the bathroom or scurries under one of the beds — sometimes I think it would be nice if I could follow her, but I think that would be classified as odd behavior, so I’ll refrain, haha.

Also, my visa expires tomorrow, so I went to the local immigration office with Susan this morning to get it extended to cover the rest of my stay. Unfortunately, it is not possible to extend it just for a week and a half, so I had to pay the full price to get it extended for a month. If I wanted to, I could now stay until August 22nd. Besides the cost of changing my plane ticket, it’s a little tempting, but I am just SO, SO excited to see my family next weekend. I do have to say though, I am definitely not looking forward to all that travel. Traveling here, my flights got shorter and shorter, but traveling back, the time on each plane increases. Oh well, all that travel has been more than worthwhile!

2 thoughts on ““It’s Wind-ing”

  1. Susan Evangelista says:

    Ha! I didn’t hear your complaint but you really surprised me when I was worrying about solar lasting and you said perhaps the lights would come back! (And I thought I was the optimist around here!!) but you were right!! 😊

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